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Having the right surface to moveabout on is absolutely essential.
Whether you are a domestic customer, looking at your driveway, garden path, or patio; or a corporate enterprise thinking about car parks and paved walkways around your establishment, the quality of your walking and driving surfaces is often the first thing a visitor will take away from your property. Isn’t it worthwhile putting in the extra effort and making sure that your surfaces are something special?

At JPS Contracting

We think it is, which is why we offer our essential surfacing contractor services to our commercial clients and domestic customers across Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.

A complete surfacing contractor package

At JPS Contractors, we recognise how important it is to have a surface that is not only pleasing to look at, but structurally sound and hard-wearing, able to withstand the thousands of pairs of feet that are bound to pass over it during its lifetime.

Your local driveway contractors

JPS Contractors have been working as surfacing contractors in and around Surrey, Sussex, and Kent for over 27 years. We operate in a 20-mile radius around our office, one that takes in a large part of the region. This includes:

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