SuDS(Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)

SuDS legislation was introduced in 2007, following nationwide problems with flooding, much of which was caused by water run-off from driveways.As a result, all new and newly-extended driveways must either be made from permeable material, or a purpose-built SUDS installation, such as a ‘soak-away’, must be installed.

SuDS systems are used to ensure that water is literally soaked away directly from the non-permeable surface of a driveway. These new regulations have led to permeable driveway solutions becoming increasingly popular. Among the most popular surfaces are the resin bound and COREGraveltypes.Yet as we frequently advise our customers across Surrey, usinga SuDS drainage system is a cost-effective way to prevent flooding without resorting to costly permeable surfaces.

How do SuDS work?

Sustainable drainage systems use a sequence of techniques that together form a management train. As surface water flows through the system, flow velocity is controlled and pollutants are removed.

Typical domestic SuDS take the form of a 600mm-deep filter trenches to remove pollutants from surface water before it is sent to the sewer. The trench is made from geotextile to ensure that clay, silts and other detritus do not enter. The trench is filled with inert gravel for effective filtering.

Decorative stones, glass beads or slate mulch is laid on top to cover the trench to give you a beautiful driveway or patio that meets regulations and avoids flooding. At JPS Contractors, we have a wealth of experience in developing SUDS compliant drainage solutions for non-permeable driveways, made from tarmac, block paving, and natural stone.

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