Block Paving and Tarmac Drives in Sevenoaks

If you’ve been wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of block paving vs. tarmac drives or even gravel, then you’ve come to the right place! As expert paving contractors with many years of experience in serving households across Sevenoaks and the wider Surrey area with high quality driveways, we at JPS Contractors are at your service.

Block Paving in Sevenoaks

Block paving has become increasingly popular over recent years as an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to concrete, gravel and tarmac. The price of block paving has also steadily reduceddue to mass production. This means we are able to supply stunning driveways at unbeatable value for money. Paving blocks can also be used on patios and paths and can also be sealed for extra protection.

Among the downsides are that it is prone to moss and weeds growing and requires maintenance.Bricks are also relatively high maintenanceand require regular pressure cleaning on at least a bi-annual basis, as well as weeding between gaps.

Tarmac Drives in Sevenoaks

Tarmac will provide the ideal surface for most driveways in Sevenoaks, especially if you plan to your use drive a lot. It provides a flat surface and sufficient grip in most conditions. This is due to the fact that it expands in heat and contracts in cold weather conditions.Tarmac consists of broken stone and tar and is therefore naturally dark coloured, although red is also available.

Gravel Driveways in Sevenoaks

Gravel driveways are the least expensive option and installation is much faster.. Yet the driveway is essentially a temporary fixture as it will become displaced over a period of time. Compared to paving blocks or tarmac, grading the area is less intensive. Gravel driveways offer fine traction in adverse weather conditions.

Regular raking is necessary to keep an even surface and the appearance of weeds can spring up to blur the line between drive and road. Driving on a gravel driveway is noisy and sometimes dusty. Sloped drives won’t hold the gravel in place.

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