Tarmac and Block Paving Driveways in Oxted

JPS Contractors are leading suppliers of block paving and tarmac drives in Oxted and indeed the whole Surrey area. As committed paving contractors, we use only the best quality products. Such high standards are matched by our continuing dedication to providing excellent customer service to both commercial and domestic customers in the area.

Tarmac Drives in Oxted

Tarmac is much more flexible than most other driveway surfaces. Because of this, it is suitable for places exposed to extremes in temperature. This is because it naturally expands in heat and contracts with the cold. It is less likely to crack or suffer from faults as a result. In cold and icy conditions, tarmac drives can be salted without being damaged.

Tarmac can also be used with minimal risk on sloping driveways, as well as surfaces which can’t accommodate the deeper foundations required by concrete. Tarmac is also remarkable for the ease with which it can be repaired in the event of damage. Emulsified liquids or solid cold patches are used to patch in repairs. This minimises the needfor heavy repair work or even much cost or effort on our customers’ behalf.

Block Paving in Oxted

Block paving can offer many advantages. Perhaps the most obvious and visible of these is its beautiful appearance. Indeed, block paving is generally considered much more attractive than either concrete or tarmac. In the hands of professionals like JPS Contractors, block paving can be made to reflect your tastes and complement the style of your home.

Block paving is also fantastically durable when set by a reliable and experienced contractor. In fact, it canwithstandmore abuse than tarmac. Should damage occur, or should underground access to pipes be necessary, we can remove individual blocks carefully, before replacingthem with no visible damage to driveways whatsoever.

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you to decide which driveway surface is more appropriate for your property. This will depend on a number of factors including your lifestyle, tastes, location, and local climate. No matter which you choose, our paving contractors promise to deliver the guaranteed results your property deserves.

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